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I keep looking in tomorrow’s direction
hoping to catch the sunrise by surprise
thinking that
if I get ahead of the blinding light
I can grab her shadow
and never let her leave me.
Never let her fade away again.

8 Responses to “14.”

  1. So deep and sweet…

    we grab at what we can’t see,
    hoping that by the time we check our hands,
    impossible appears
    like a peek-a-boo reality.
    when we were kids
    we played make-believe,
    and in an unbelieving world,
    we try our hardest
    to make imaginary friends appear
    like rabbits pulled
    from our sweat-stained hats
    to fill our hurt-stained hearts
    and our longing desire
    for magic to be real…
    just once.
    to touch…
    just once.
    to love…
    just once
    (or thrice if dreams really come true).

    Random, but for some reason, your poems often inspire me to write.

    • she taunts me
      showing just enough to awaken my passion
      giving me a peek at her supple breast of happiness
      that draws my life to the surface
      i’m starving for her supply
      and she knows
      life and death on one hook
      no verses
      but death is real
      life is the illusion
      telling tales of fantasy inspired by everything and nothing
      where nature makes soapbox speeches
      carried by the wind from her lips to my heart
      telling of her visions of beauty that lie
      just outside of human understanding
      expectations of awe that sometimes crash land at awful
      hopes and dreams that failed
      by way of never waking up

      Youuuuu inspire me too!

  2. Yoooooooo! That was hot! Eric, your wordplay is insane in this joint: “expectations of awe that sometimes crash land at awful.” What?! Lol.

    helplessly hoping that
    the intangibility of nature
    will make itself surface as real:
    dead skin cells once invisible
    appear, shed and reveal
    where my eyes have landed,
    and created futures imagined–
    cool minty breath in summer heat
    show water reflections of
    growing vulnerability,
    still then shaking,
    blowing in wind that hugs corners
    and causes drafts through doorways
    to the flame of my desire.
    to be a hair follicle under the skin
    of his shaved chin
    would bring me close to him
    as i sprout out
    and get closer to his mouth
    through a subtle kiss.
    and what of rain?
    cloudy skies to mask tears of mine
    shed from heartbreak and love,
    making my hair and heart curl up,
    filling me so love never dries up,
    just becomes a well for
    and other life and such.
    biting, short-lived
    but always breeding,
    being, completing
    a circle of life lived
    and beyond my control.


    That is all.

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  5. I am beyond jealous….I’m with Spitfire….

  6. shorty you doing good and am prode to see you accepting your self and making your dream come true,your poems ever tight 4 real!!! love 4ever! (lil sean)

  7. shorty its good to see you doing good, i’m happy you accept yourself an doing what you want to do with your life i like your poems but we both know your joints always tight, keep up d good work and you know you my life i’ll love you 4ever (lil sean)

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